Ear Molds in Upshur and Lewis Counties

Custom Ordered, Custom Fit, Custom Designed

The Hearing Aid Place in Buckhannon, WV provides custom hearing aid molds for our patients. Our ears are just as unique as we are and therefore need custom fitting ear molds to ensure a proper fit. Ear molds fit inside the ear canal and are customized to your ear shape. Ear molds can be canal sized, half shell size, or full shell sized depending on the anatomy of your ear and the type and degree of your hearing loss. Earmolds are made out of plastic, acrylic, or another soft material. Contact The Hearing Aid Place today to schedule a free consultation to ensure you are getting the properly sized hearing aids and ear molds.

Reduce Noise Exposure

Custom ear molds are great even for non-hearing aid users! Custom earmolds from The Hearing Aid Place can offer sound protection and protect your hearing from loud sounds at a concert (whether you are listening to the band or playing an instrument), during hunting season, or while at work. Custom made and designed ear molds are created with the right amount of specific protection.

Ear Molds for Swimmers

Are you a swimmer? Custom ear molds can protect your ears from water. Get the protection your ears need with a custom made and custom designed ear mold.

Ear Molds for All Activities

Ear molds are perfect for football players, pilots, and newscasters as well as those who wear hearing aids. Custom designed and custom-made ear molds allow you to hear important information while you work.

The Hearing Aid Place offers our patients free fittings, and we work with all major insurance carriers. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!