Hearing Aid Fitting & Programming - Upshur Co, WV

Finding the Perfect Fit

When determining which hearing aid is right for you, the Hearing Aid Place takes your lifestyle needs, your preferences, your budget, and your medical needs into consideration. We will discuss all of this with you during your hearing aid consultation. Once that is determined and you select your favorite hearing device, it will be programmed based off of the results of your hearing test and evaluations. The fitting, state of the art programming, and measurement technologies that we use will ensure that our patients receive the most from their hearing aids.

When you come for your fitting, you will receive your new hearing aid that is specifically set up to meet your hearing needs. The Hearing Aid Place will use Live Speech Mapping technology to finalize the programming of your hearing aid. This will help us get a visual representation of what you are hearing. Live Speech Mapping is one of the best methods of hearing aid verification used.

Hearing Aid Service to our Patients is Unmatched

If you are unable to come into our office, we are able to come to you. Whether you need a home visit or a visit to your assisted living facility, we can get you tested and fitted with a hearing aid that best suits your needs. We offer trial periods for hearing aids and no risk with return privileges to our patients.

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