WIdeX Hearing Aids

Sound Like No Other

The Hearing Aid Place in Buckhannon, WV carries WIdeX hearing aid products. WideX is dedicated to creating hearing aids that sound so natural that you can experience moments when you completely forget about your hearing loss. Enjoy sounds in the most natural way with WideX hearing aids! Together we can find a hearing aid that suits your hearing, your life, and your style.

WideX Moment Sheer Hearing Aids

WideX Moment Sheer hearing aids are able to produce natural sounds because it features PureSound powered by ZeroDelay technology. They deliver the fastest sounds processing available in a digital hearing aid to eliminate the delay-based distortion that makes most other hearing aids sound artificial.

sRIC RD – Moment Sheer Hearing Aid:

Built around the WideX Moment platform and the revolutionary PureSound, the Moment Sheer sRIC R D hearing aid is suitable for minimal to profound hearing loss:

WideX Evoke Hearing Aids

WideX Evoke hearing aids are the world’s first smart hearing aids. This hearing aid provides our patients with interactive option that help you intuitively shape your listening experience. These hearing aids automatically make adjustments suited to your needs!

WideX Unique Hearing Aids

WideX Unique hearing aids capture every sound, help you hear better in the wind, ensures a comfortable listening experience, and streams phone calls, music, and podcasts. With WideX Unique hearing aids you get natural sound and a comfortable listening experience without ever touching your hearing aid.

WideX CROS Hearing Aids

WideX CROS hearing aids help people with one sided hearing loss or single sided deafness (SSD). If you are deaf in one ear and have normal hearing in the other, then CROS is right for you. These are even a solution for you if you are deaf in one ear and hearing impaired in the other. These hearing aids provide superb sound quality with no echoes or distortion.

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