Hearing Tests in Upshur and Lewis County, WV

The first step in determining your level of hearing ability is a hearing test evaluation. The Hearing Aid Place is able to provide our patients with a full range of hearing tests for all hearing levels. We have state of the art equipment, and our experience is unmatched. Hearing tests and hearing aid fittings are free of charge.

Comprehensive Diagnostic Audiological Evaluations from The Hearing Aid Place

This test helps us determine what type and degree of hearing loss you have. We take your lifestyle and budget into consideration when offering individual solutions. This evaluation may include:


Gives us a visual inspection of your ear canal and eardrum.

Speech in Noise Measurements:

You repeat sentences back to us while hearing background noise. During each sentence the background noise gets louder to help us assess how well you can hear in a real-world environment.

Pure Tone Air/Bone Conduction:

You are placed in a sound booth wearing insert earphones and you are presented with different tones. You respond when you can hear the tone by pressing a response button.

Word Recognition Testing:

Words are presented to you through insert headphones in a sound booth and you repeat the words back to us.

Other tests and services we offer:

Video Otoscopy:

Gives us a visual inspection of your ear canal and eardrum. This helps us determine if there is a presence of earwax or other conditions that could require medical treatment.

Tinnitus Treatment:

We evaluate and manage your tinnitus while focusing on patient care.

Hearing Aid Analyzer:

A computerized machine measures the parameters of a hearing aid such as internal noise, distortion, and frequency response. The results are then compared to the original factory specifications. This will help determine whether the hearing aid is performing like it should be.

Real Ear Measurements:

We measure hearing aid performance in the ear canal with computerized equipment. The response is then compared to a target response based on your hearing loss. The comparison helps us determine what fine tuning adjustments are needed.

Solution Oriented with Unmatched Dedication to Hearing Aid Patients

The Hearing Aid Place is dedicated to helping our patients receive the hearing support they need at little or no cost to them. We work with all major insurance carriers. We want our patients to be able to live life to the fullest by being able to hear and participate in conversations, have an occupation, talk on the phone, and be able to listen to music and watch TV. Unable to come to us? We are able to visit with you in your home or at your assisted living facility.

We are accepting new patients, so don’t hesitate to give us a call to set up a free consultation: 304-439-2700